Born in Los Angeles to a Buddhist musician and an Italian flight attendant, Ali is an archaeologist-in-training, musician, writer, illustrator, photographer, and cat mom. Ali studied Anthropology at UCLA, and has had her writing and art published in magazines and academic journals around the world. Her studies have brought her to excavate at various Classic Maya sites in Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. Her research is primarily on the effects of maize monoculture on the demised ancient Maya civilizations of the Yucatan.  She has studied and conducted research under the guidance of Jared Diamond, Richard Lesure, Brandon Lewis, & Greg Schachner and Eric Minzenberg. She currently works out of Los Angeles as a research assistant and as a tour guide at a Holocaust museum. 

A seasoned musician, she has also recorded, performed and toured with various acts including Father John Misty, Ahkiyyini, Jeffertitti's Nile, Benson & Stabler, Lumerians, & her solo endeavor Sister Calypso. Her dark, dreamy guitar, bass & singing style has been referred to as "the lovechild of Ozzy Osbourne, Mazzy Star, Robbie Basho and Arvo Pärt". She is a DJ in Los Angeles, having held house residencies at The Townhouse & Del Monte Speakeasy and Bar Stella. She also co-founded an annual music festival in Los Angeles called LA Psych Fest, and has been referred to as a staple in the LA psychedelic music scene by OC Weekly. Her 35mm photography and illustrations have been exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Barcelona, Mexico City and the Netherlands. 

She has worked with various organizations including Playing For Change, ChangeFire and Cornerstone Orphanages in Central America, and Voice of Roma.